Our Logo

The meaning behind our logo

The St Luke’s ElderCare logo represents St Luke’s ElderCare (SLEC), a community care leader and healthcare provider operating an integrated, island-wide network senior care & rehabilitation centres, active ageing centre (care), and nursing home. The St Luke’s emblem is shared with our sister organisation St Luke’s Hospital.

Consisting of four squares, four radiating lines, and centered around the cross, the logo encapsulates SLEC’s strategy for wide reach and deep impact.


The Four Squares

The four squares represent the four key areas of services SLEC operates, namely

  1. Centre-Based Services (i.e. Senior Care & Rehabilitation)
  2. Home-Based Services (i.e. Home Care & Therapy)
  3. Community-Based Services (Active Ageing)
  4. Residential-Based Services (Nursing Homes)
    1. Centre-based Services
      Operating Singapore’s largest network of senior care and rehabilitation centres, SLEC’s expertise and sector leadership are grounded in our centre-based services, including day maintenance, dementia care, rehabilitation, nursing, and respite services.
    2. Home-based Services
      Serving our elders’ personal and specialised needs in the comfort of their homes, SLEC offers home medical, nursing, therapy, and dietetics expertise, allowing our clinicians and care professionals to bring dedicated care into our elders’ homes.
    3. Community-based Services
      Providing holistic care for body and mind, our Community Wellness Centres and Active Ageing Centres (Care) offer a range of active ageing programmes and activities for those aged 50 and above. Our partnership-led approach, customised fitness classes and workshops on digital inclusion, nutrition and art, are avenues we use to empower our community elders to live gracefully.
    4. Residential-based Services
      Residential-based care includes nursing homes, assisted living, and other residential facilities and institutional models. The award-winning St Luke’s ElderCare Residence@Ang Mo Kio, is SLEC’s first foray into residential care. This 189-bedder residence enhances SLEC’s integrated services to our elders. In 2024, a 2nd nursing home will be added in the Northeast.


The 4 Radiating Lines

A Christian healthcare provider, SLEC is motivated by the words of Jesus Christ, “I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (The Gospel of John 10:10b). Jesus’ ministry on earth reached out to the whole person. He fed the hungry, and healed the sick of body and mind, and was characterised by his ministry to the disenfranchised and rejects of society. Finally, in an ultimate sacrificial act, Jesus died to restore the fallen man’s spiritual condition and re-establish a rightful relationship with God. The four radiating lines of the SLEC logo speak of this whole-person ministry that Jesus embodied. They represent the four aspects of whole-person care: Physical, Psychological/Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

  1. Physical Care
    SLEC’s mainstay expertise, our team of care staff provides physical care through assistance in daily activities of living and home personal care services. Our clinical services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical, nursing, and dietetics.
  2. Psychological/Mental Care
    Some 50% of SLEC elders have early to moderate dementia. All SLEC care and clinical staff are trained to provide dementia care and assistance through internal and external training. Other aspects of mental care include the early screening, diagnosis and referral for depression and other mental illnesses among our elders, caregivers and even staff.
  3. Emotional Care
    Providing care through our experienced team of medical social workers and counsellors, the SLEC care and counselling team delivers emotional support and offers professional advice to our elders and caregivers.
  4. Spiritual Care
    The pastoral care and church partnership team provides spiritual care through our chaplains and more than 20 partner churches, ministering within our centre-based, community-based, and residential-based services.

The Centrality of the Cross

At the heart of the SLEC logo is the imprint of the Cross. This speaks of the centrality of the Gospel (‘good news’) message across our four domains (centre, home, community, residential) and through our whole-person care (physical, psychological/mental, emotional, spiritual). We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ permeates all of life (across all domains) and ministers to the whole person (across all aspects), is wide-reaching, and deeply impactful for all ages.


St Luke’s ElderCare’s logo is trademarked by St Luke’s ElderCare Ltd.