SLEC Book Fundraiser

A Pilgrim’s Journey of Conflict, Promise & Hope, Restoration & Gratitude, Invitation & Commission.
In November 2019, Dr Kenny Tan visited Israel for the first time, and in his words “it was a trip like no other he had embarked before.” It was a place of biblical stories and encounters where he had until then only heard about and imagined.
It was also a time when the first few cases of Covid-19 erupted in China which quickly enveloped the globe. Little did Dr Tan know or expect that he was standing at the threshold of a pandemic which would change the world.
The trip was transformational – and from it birthed a beautiful book with personal and visual musings, devotional reflections and poetic words that would nurture our souls and revive our spirits. “Break Through – A Pilgrim’s Journey” is authored by Dr Kenny Tan, CEO of St Luke’s ElderCare.
As you pause upon page to page, allow the gripping pictures (taken during the trip), thoughtful commentaries, and reflective verses draw you into a journey of human brokenness, divine breakthroughs and the hope of restoration.

Every donation of $100 entitles you to a copy of “Break Through – A Pilgrim’s Journey” as a token of our appreciation. Your donation supports elders with physiotherapy, transport, milk feeds, diapers, day and residential care.
All donations will receive 250% tax deduction. In addition, donations to SLEC will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Community Silver Trust Fund.