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July 2019

Of Friendships Old and New

July 28, 2019

“Time doesn’t take away from friendship, nor does separation.” This quote by Tennessee Williams rings true, especially for Mr Yeo and Mr Chong who reunited at St Luke’s ElderCare Hougang Meadow Centre. They have been friends since their Kampong days for over 30 years ago.

Originally from the former Kangkar Kampong at Upper Serangoon Road, Mr Yeo and Mr Chong were good friends in their youth back then. Mr Yeo recalls with a smile, how he used to help out at the shoe business that Mr Chong’s family ran “Life was difficult, but it was enjoyable as we had one another to depend on for help,” says Mr Yeo. “It was the Kampong spirit,” he adds.
Travelling was an occasional affair that both friends relished. They would travel with a group of close friends to Malaysia, visiting Johor, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur for site seeing and fishing.
But ever since relocating from the village, they maintained little contact. It was a pleasant surprise when Mr Yeo spotted a familiar face amongst the elders at St Luke’s ElderCare Hougang Meadow Centre. “I didn’t expect to see him here. We had a great time catching up,” says Mr Yeo.

Mr Yeo and Mr Chong reminiscing the Kampong days as they rode on the trishaw.

Mr Chong (left) and Mr Yeo (right) reminisced about the times they had during the Kampong Days. They have been friends for 30 years and only recently met each other at the centre.

“When we rode on the trishaw, we could see how Serangoon and Hougang transformed over the years. The tasty eateries by the roadside were gone. I used to take cheap and pirated taxis for just 10 to 20 cents,” shares Mr Chong.

Mr Chong (left) and Mr Yeo (right) reminiscing their Kampong days while taking rides around the neighbourhood.
With the various activities organised at the centre, Mr Yeo also made new friends such as Mr Aw. They share common interests such as going on trishaw rides around the neighbourhood, and taking part in art drawing and exercises. “It is important for us elders to keep ourselves active. I’m thankful that I can do so with the companionship of friends at the centre,” says Mr Yeo.

International Friendship Day - Mr Yeo and Mr Aw doing art together

Mr Aw (left) and Mr Yeo (right) enjoying art drawing together.

Mr Yeo doing art at St Luke's ElderCare Hougang Meadow Centre

This International Friendship Day, why not reconnect with a friend you may have lost touch with? Take time to reconnect, reminisce and discover how each have grown along life’s journey!