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Year 2018
May 2018

Singapore Good Design Mark Award (SG Mark)

May 10, 2018

St Luke’s ElderCare Ayer Rajah was awarded the Singapore Good Design Mark (SG Mark) Award, Social Category on 10 May for its unique interior design that provides a conducive environment for seniors to age gracefully and receive quality care.

The design, conceptualised by D’perception Ritz was lauded for its innovative utilisation of space. It incorporated biophilic elements to enable connection and access to nature; retro furniture and settings to create homeliness and familiarity; memorabilia to incite positive memories, amongst other innovative solutions.

View the award-winning interior design of SLEC Ayer Rajah Centre below.

Centre is designed to be Dementia-friendly, where clients are are to navigate safely and with ease, and interact with others in the environment independently. 

Person-Centric Care Model

Person-Centric Care Model : Seamless and clear circulation in a defined area to different sections of the centre.

Person-Centric Care Model

Person-Centric Care Model: Toilets and showers are fitted with auto-sensor doors with distress monitoring system linked to staff office.

Centre is designed to equip and empower seniors to carry out their daily activities. 

Person-Centric Care Model

Person-Centric Care Model: Seniors have accessed to guided cooking facilities.

Person-Centric Care Model: Camouflaged doors to keep seniors safe and without agitation in the Dementia Care Section of the centre.

Incorporating Biophilic element for seniors to access the exterior and gain connections to nature.


Retractable awnings provide shade for alfresco dinning, gazing into the courtyard and gardening.

Homeliness and sense of familiarity

Memorabilia. Use of common traditional household items to incite seniors’ positive memories

Photo Wall

Photo Wall to create a sense of familiarity.

Retro furnitures and coffee shop setting to incite familiarity and homeliness

Retro furnitures and coffee shop setting to incite familiarity and homeliness

curves on ceilings, walls and architectural forms.

The curves on the ceilings, walls, architectural forms evoke different sense of emotions as one experience the different quality of spaces.

Photos credit: D’perception Ritz