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August 2020

The Power of Determination

August 17, 2020

Mr Low Mow Nam, 84, attends St Luke’s ElderCare (SLEC) Serangoon Centre for Day Rehabilitation and Day Care. “I like to play indoor badminton and sing with the other elders at SLEC who have become my friends. At my HDB flat, I like to walk downstairs to stay fit”, he shared. For someone as independent as Mr Low, it might be unimaginable that he needed full assistance for his activities of daily living about two years ago.

In July 2018, Mr Low fell off a ladder while trying to change the curtains and severely injured his spinal cord. “I couldn’t move at all and yelled for my daughter before I passed out. When I woke up, I was in the hospital. My upper and lower limbs felt numb,” shared Mr Low.

The first three months in an acute hospital and community hospital was the toughest. Mr Low was heavily dependent on the nurses and his family. He could not use the toilet, shower, sit up and eat on his own.

Initial Fears

By the time Mr Low discharged from the hospital, he could finish a meal with moderate assistance. But that was not enough for him. Fearing that he would not be able to regain his functional abilities, Mr Low decided to enrol in SLEC’s Day Rehabilitation Centre. The team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists assessed his condition and recommended active rehabilitation three times a week.

With an extensive and advance range of gym equipment, Mr Low and his family were hopeful that his condition might improve. Moreover, the centre is close to home and would be convenient for Mr Low who was relying on wheelchair to move around.

St Luke's ElderCare Day Rehabilitation with Mr Low Mow Nam

Mr Low during his maintenance rehabilitation at St Luke’s ElderCare Serangoon Centre.

Road to Recovery

With a determined spirit and incredible family support, Mr Low started off physiotherapy with bed transfer and later on progressed to standing activities. Determined to recover most, if not all, of his mobility, Mr Low set milestone goals and focussed on achieving them, one by one. “Every progress was a milestone that continually spurred him on for a complete recovery,” shared Rowena, his Physiotherapist. Through the tailored programme and strong moral support from the SLEC staff, Mr Low was on a steady track to recovery.

Mr Low using the HUR machine at St Luke's ElderCare Day Rehabilitation Centre

Mr Low using the HUR machine at SLEC Day Rehabilitation Centre

As part of the fundamental purpose of occupational therapy is to develop and maintain the individual’s capacity for productive daily living throughout life, Archie would weave in daily living scenarios in their sessions. “I would also bring him out for walks at the garden next to the centre and make his sessions fun so that he would look forward to them,” shared Archie, his Occupational Therapist Associate.

Fast forward to today, Mr Low is able to walk independently using a walking stick without supervision. He is grateful for the staff who are always so caring and passionate about his recovery progress.

Joining SLEC has helped Mr Low in more ways than one. He shares, “I have regained my mobility and have forged new friendships with the staff and elders. Thank you, St Luke’s ElderCare for this community of support!”

What is day rehabilitation?

It consists of physiotherapy and occupational therapy that targets to maintain or restore an individual’s physical function conducted at a community setting like a senior care centre or a community hospital.

If you have a loved one in need of day rehabilitation, enquire at our St Luke’s ElderCare Centres today.

Mr Low and St Luke's ElderCare Rehabilitation and Care Staff

Mr Low with the rehabilitation team and care staff who journeyed with him through his recovery.